Friday, November 26, 2004

Ode to a Nice Guy

To the one who has always been there
Like the sparrow’s pretty twittering
Amidst the street blather of car horns.
To that teethy grin that greets me
Like a tearless day:

Every time I see
Pain or fear or sorrow
I find you too.
Always a guide to me.
To the one who has sat by my side as I cried
Heartbroken sobs,
Who held my hair back when I got sick
And who feeds my dog
And picked me up after getting dumped by Nick
Who fixed my car
Who brought me flowers for no reason at all
Who loved me but never demanded a thing in return
To the one who drives my sister to school
And who cleans our pool
Just to show my parents how cool he is
To the one who makes me feel like a queen
Just for being seen
Just for being me
To the one whose waited patiently
For me to see
what you see in me:

Thank you. Thank you for being the king,
The nicest of the nice guys.

Now I am asking
Just one more thing of you.

Can you feed my dog tonight?
My folks are out of town and I’m going out with this totally hot guy I met outside a bar.


At 10:17 PM, Anonymous Iggster said...

Yep, that's the way it goes. I was one of those, LOL. Instances like those exemplified in your poem killed that part of me, and now I'm a total jerk who takes advantage of girls, lies to them, treats them like crap, but hey, gets laid ALOT more since I've been working out every day forever now. Haha, it's really fun too!
-- You know it's great since you don't know if I'm being sarcastic about all this, or if that's really what I'm like. I love that!


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