Monday, January 28, 2008

Hannity and Colmes (don't ) talk about racism

You remember when Michael Richards (a.k.a. Kramer) had his comedy-club meltdown? I just caught this "dicussion" on YouTube:

Patrice ONeal is a pretty smart (and funny) guy. He tries to have a real conversation with Hannity and Colmes which is totally stymied.

One of my favorite bits:

ONeil: "And another thing about race is that race has become a thing between you two guys."

Hannity or Colmes (hell, all these white guys look the same to me): "What do you mean you two guys?"

ONeal: "Meaning the perceived racist and the perceived not. But you're just two white guys to me."

Holmes/Cannity: "Can't help that, ha ha ha."

ONeal: "You should let black people run racism. When Mel Gibson said what he said, when the Godfather said what he said..."

H/C: "Let me ask you this...this is really, really, really...he-s-he's sick. I mean, that's a nutty and insane rant, c'mon."

ONeal: "All a you are sick! You're white! You're all racial. If white people don't admit that they are racial we can't have these conversations because you're always going 'Who me?' You never had that word in your head, ever, Sean?"

Hannity: "No. Do have that word in your head? Do you use that word on stage?"

ONeal: "I use it when I wake up."

Watching this conversation, you can't help but wonder if this is representative of our entire nation's disconnect and inability to discuss not just racism but just our flaws in general. A reporter asks President W what his administration's biggest mistake was--and he couldn't answer...because he can't answer (doesn't have the insight to do so) or he doesn't want to go there. A white dude is asked if he's racist...either he can't answer or he doesn't want to take that close of a look.

Thing is, if I can admit that I'm "racial" (which of course I am) then doesn't that allow me the room to strive to correct that flaw?


At 10:45 AM, Anonymous capisco said...

great post!
i watched this and the humor stems from the brutal honesty in patrice's delivery. his thoughts on racism are not only unique but make strange sense. he has a web series at and an episode called patrice for paresident tackles these same issues.


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