Monday, February 12, 2007


According to a news post, the sweat of men makes women lustful:

I will test this scientific study. On Friday mornings, I play basketball and I usually stuff my sweaty clothes into a bag which I leave in the car all day. When I get home I throw them in the dirty laundry or leave them in the bag until next week and just reuse them (they are a little crusty but mostly dry by then). This coming Friday, I will take my sweaty clothes and place them in discreet areas of the house to see if my wife is "turned on" by the aroma which according to this study is exactly what should happen.

I also plan to collect my sweat in 20 bottles and have my wife sniff them outside one of the undergraduate buildings at Cal Berkeley.

Finally, the next time I work out in the evening, instead of showering I will simply climb into bed with my wife and see if her "monkeys" are "chattering" in the "trees."

I will share the yielding of my data next week.


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