Monday, February 25, 2008

Your tax dollars NOT at work

The governor of California has declared a fiscal emergency that requires a 10% trimming in all areas--including education, social services--everything. At the same time, our government failed to close a loophole that allows the rich to buy yachts and not pay sales tax.

Lots of argument about the topics with mostly the predictable split between Democrats and Republicans. One comment which sums up the debate, for me: "How closing off an avenue so that the rich can avoid paying taxes that the rest of us pay is a tax increase is beyond me—and even arch conservative Republican Senator Tom McClintock admitted when he spoke that it was not a tax increase."

Tobe fair, I don't think this is our Governor's handiwork at all. I believe the Governator wants to take care of the problem and actually called a special session to do so. This is our Senate at work; hopefully, with money such a dire issue some of these (ridiculous) benefit-the-rich "typos" in our law will be revealed--and fixed.