Wednesday, September 14, 2005

And Back to the Bleakness

I caught part of Saturday's "This American Life" in which one woman was recounting events in New Orleans. She claimed that policemen from a neighboring town prevented people from crossing a bridge allowing them to escape New Orleans in the midst of the flooding to what is known as the West Bank. She claimed the police fired shots into the crowd of people trying to cross the bridge until they turned back

At first I thought this HAS to be an exaggeration. Maybe she wasn't really there and this was a second-hand account. Then the story turns to another woman who WAS there, on the bridge--and she confirms that the crowd was turned back by policemen.

You can listen for yourself at The segment is called After the Flood.

Why isn't there more discussion of this specific incident? Why isn't there more discussion about how this specific incident exemplifies much of what is wrong with our entire governement...not just in its response to this crisis but the crisis of poverty and social inequity that happens EVERY DAY in America?


At 6:07 PM, Blogger Indri said...

Oh, this story's going around the blogosphere... the version I read was written by two EMTs in NoLa for a conference.I'll try to find the link. It's horrific.


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