Thursday, September 01, 2005

Defend the Looters!

So people in the Superdome are firing on helicopters trying to evacuate ill people, and we're very upset about it. I know I am. What the hell is that helicopter doing? It can't just fly in to the Superdome and then LEAVE. Has a constitution been ratified? Were all factions in the Superdome united--the ill, the looters, the Saints fans, the sleepy? I don't think we can order the helicopter (and the busses and trains) to leave New Orleans until it is a free and truly democratic place. Yes, the damage and destruction is horrible. But the people of the Superdome have survived one of the largest and most tyrannical storms to ever hit the U.S. and they are strong. Now is not the time to rush things. We must let the survivors form their own sense of security while supporting them. We can't just leave. We will leave. But not now. In a bit.

So, really, we should land our helicopters smack in the middle of the Superdome and teach the survivors to build their own helicoptors using their native resources...empty beer bottles and astro-turf. We can lead them towards a sense of independence by modeling good governance: we can set up a Superbowl congress with two houses (the House of the Near Goal-Post and the House of the Far Goal-Post) and a system with checks and balances and mutual funds.

I, for one, say our helicopters stay until every last person, from the ill to the looting, is free.


At 6:04 AM, Anonymous the kid said...

A .38 caliber bullet will rip through the skin of a Seahawk or Sea Sprite. It might even ricochet around the crew area, or take off a piece of gear, like my Chief, whose Mark 5 kit was blown to pieces as it sat on his shoulder. Some times they zip right by you as you hang out the skids.

God, Louisianans are dicks.

At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Gavin said...

You kick ass.


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