Monday, September 18, 2006

How to Sabotage your Local Voting Machine

Follow this link ( to see a video of what is wrong with Diebold voting machines (which will be widely used in the coming elections). The Princeton-based study found that a "malicious" virus can be used to steal votes--and a criminal can put his dastardly scheme into effect with only a minute's time with one of the machines. Interestingly, a criminal can corrupt one machine which can then corrupt many other machines (thus stealing a LOT of votes)--and the stolen votes will be undetected if new security measures aren't put in place.

It seems the study is begging for the voting machines' overhaul or removal, since the video is a hands-on demonstration of how to steal votes. That is, the video takes you through almost of the steps needed to actually pull the heist off; we're shown everything but the virus itself. Looks about as difficult as getting free games in the old arcade games with a quarter and piece of string...not that I ever did that.


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