Wednesday, January 11, 2006

MoveOn fights the Legion of Doom!

My first post of the new year comes a bit tardy with a message to all of you who are corrupt: the Democrats are coming for you.

I've been a member of practically since its conception. I even volunteered some hours to help this grass roots movement. Lately, I've been wondering what kind of grass this organization is pushing.

The latest conquest has to do with fighting corruption because MoveOn has determined that corruption is a bad, bad thing. And YOU can help fight it simply by signing a petition! That's right, your voice will join with thousands of other voices (well, actually text messages) demanding that Congress do SOMETHING about corruption...more than SOMETHING; this petition demands the implementing of a fool-proof plan:

As the first order of business Congress should pass an anti-corruption law to rein in lobbyists, toughen ethics rules, create an independent entity to enforce the rules and get serious about public financing of elections.

Democrats are not playing around here, and I applaud their tenacity. Once we have laws against corruption, there will be no place for corruption to hide (except for the caves in the Middle East). And even if it DOES hide, the Democrats will have insured that an independent entity (possibly known as Superfly) will find corruption and get really serious. Well, actually the "really" was mine, but "serious" is still pretty strong. Rules will be enforced! Lobbyists will be reined! Business will be ordered first!

Once corruption has been taken care of MoveOn plans to fight evil, New Jersey, the greenhouse effect, rickets, and the color turquoise.

Here is the e-mail...enjoy.

Dear MoveOn member,

Every day we hear about new congressional scandals. Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleads guilty. Tom DeLay is removed as Republican Leader. But there is no real action by Congress to stop corruption. The bottom line is: Congress cannot be trusted to clean up Congress.

The scandals are slimy but an opportunity to push reform. While members of Congress are home for the January break, it's important they hear that Americans want a real plan to enforce ethics rules and rein in lobbyists. And, the business of Congress just can't go forward until there is real reform with teeth. Will you sign our petition urging Congress to Stop Corruption First?

The recent scandals have opened a window of opportunity to pass a reform package. Leaders are going to try to pass something so they can say they've dealt with the problem. The question is, will it be tough or just business as usual? A real anti-corruption agenda with teeth would do something like:

  • Start enforcing ethics rules and punishing violators—Congress has proven they can't police themselves.

  • Rein in lobbyists—ban all gifts, free meals, free travel and cut lobbyists out of campaign fundraising.

  • Shine a light—real transparency and reporting. We want to know who is meeting with our leaders.

  • Get serious about public financing of elections.
These are just some of the ideas proposed by clean government advocates and some Democrats in Congress.


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