Friday, September 16, 2005

Stupid Governator!

Okay fellow bloggers, I need you to help spread the word:

Governor Arnold is going to hold a special election this November to try and pass some propositions and we need to vote NO on all of them.

Here's why:

Each of these special elections cost around $60 million dollars of California taxpayers money. If you live in California, YOUR money is going to this election instead of places like schools, hospitals, police, etc. Whether you like the propositions or not you should vote NO because each time one of these propositions passes it lets the Governor know that he can hold a special election whenever he wants (to get what HE wants) at OUR expense!

Having said that, let's look at three of the propositions on the ballot. Then I'll tell you why you should vote NO on each of them beyond the aforementioned reasons.

Proposition 74: Currently, once teachers have worked in a district for two years they receive permanent status (they can still be fired but due process must be enacted). Prop 74 would extend the probationary period to five years and allow schools to fire permanent teachers after two unsatisfactory evaluations.
Why you should vote NO: As a teacher, I'm in favor of changing the current system. Clearly, some bad teachers are working with kids. But Prop 74 will hurt much more than it will help. For every bad teacher in California, there's bound to be a bad administrator. We desparately need teachers who are smart, visionary and brave enough to do what is right for students (i.e not teachers, administrators or parents). This Proposition would strip teachers of their protection. I have had my share of parent conflicts, and some have taken their cases to the principal. If had a weak boss (luckily I don't) I would be out of a job under Prop 74. Our schools will become filled with teachers who will fold in any conflict--which will NOT help our students. Report powerful parents who are abusing their kid? That would be tougher to do. Tell an abusive administrator to knock it off? Doubtful. Take a stand on a student's grade? Forget it. I would be passing out A's like they were beers (and maybe passing out beers too) in my class. Or, more likely, I'd quit. And talented young minds would look elsewhere for jobs at a time when California is desperate for teachers.

Proposition 75
: This would force the union to ask it's members each year, in writing, whether they wanted their union dues used for political purposes (lobbying, campaign ads, getting this type of infotmation to voters, etc).
Why you should vote NO: We already have a system which accomplishes this task. When union members first join they are asked to do declare whether they want their dues to go towards political actions or not. So this Proposition is a clever ploy of the Governor to weaken the teacher's union through overloading them with time-consuming and money-consuming work. This Proposition looks good in print; in fact, it is simply the needless creation of paperwork.

Proposition 76: This will allow the Governor to unilaterally decide where money will be spent and where it will be cut.
Why you should vote NO: Because one man will be able to decide what to do with almost ALL of your money. This Proposition is polling very very low because, obviously, most people do not want Governor Arnold to become Emperor Arnold.

So what you can do to help: spread the word. Send e-mails. Contact everybody you know and tell them to spread the word. By voting NO on every Proposition in every one of these darn special elections, we can stop this waste of our tax-dollars. If we vote NO, he'll have to try a different tactic--and hopefully it won't involve our money.


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At 12:07 AM, Blogger Indri said...

Hey Jamie... maybe it's time to turn on word verification, huh? Damn spam. Thanks for giving the teacher's perspective on these; I'll make sure to vote.


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