Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Majority of Nothing

So it's a new year, the Democrats hold power and they have a chance to rebuild our future. Why am I not optimistic? Why aren't I telling anti-Bush jokes and singing "Na-Na-Na, Hey-Hey-Hey Goodbye!" and blowing raspberries at the (finally) beaten Republicans?

Could it be that the Repubs actually had a plan? Sure, it was a crappy plan, full of lies and monkey-logic, but it was a plan. The Democrats? The party I find myself voting for each election with an increasing sense of dread? They have reactionaries. They have leaders who wag their finger and say "that's a bad plan!" and "liar!" and "We must fight corruption!"

If I were a Republican, I'd be feeling pretty good right now. Sure, you've lost the majority, but the responsibilty of fixing this mess falls to the Democrats...and the Democrats don't seem up for much more than pointing out problems. And if this mess isn't fixed, you can bet your sweet Bush you'll find a host of conservatives with a way to fix this mess come next election (they'll be full of lies, of course, but it will sound really, really insane enough to get votes).

The Democrats remind me of English teachers...they like to talk about things a lot. I was reminded by a drama teacher that, at some point, actors just get up and start trying things, moving about the stage; that's the way they find insight into a character. That's the way they get work done--by moving. English teachers can't seem to get off their butts until they have exhausted every avenue of analysis, picking at every opinion, scouring words for insight that probably isn't really that helpful anyway (so the cigar isn't a cigar, and you're a pervert, whoop-dee-do) and then it's past dinner-time and all the good sushi places have closed. Somewhere there's a balance, but I think most people want to watch a good show--even the Democrats. After all, the show gives them something to talk about.


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